Paragon 2013-24


Turbine Metrology's Paragon 2013-24 takes CGI to another level  with 24 bit accuracy and non-contact gauge heads

Turbine Metrology's Paragon system has long been the fastest, easiest to use, most accurate Circular Geometry Inspection system
available. Now Paragon V2013-24 takes accuracy and user friendliness to a new level with true simultaneous 24 bit analog-to-digital
conversion and non-contact long travel gauge heads that eliminate the need for time consuming leveling and centering of most parts.

Non-contact gauging also means increased accuracy on interrupted surfaces as support deflection is no longer part of the equation.
And there are no more probe tips to break off or pivots to become contaminated. No more cosine error. No more precise adjustment
of a mechanical gauge head to stay  within a gauging range of a few thousandths of an inch. Elimination of the need to center
eliminates the need for X-Y centering platens for the inspection table, another major cost saving in purchase and maintenance.

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