BalancePoint offers automatic, semi-automatic, or manual
weighing as part of a balancing program that quickly determines
the optimum rotor location for an unlimited number of compressor
or turbine blades in a set. Template feature for repetitive builds,
interfaces to electronic pan and moment scales, tip/root scales.
autoweighing and label printing.

The folowing products have ben withdrawn from sale due to the current
 instability of US trade regulations.

Paragon V3.24, the  latest version of the Turbine Metrology's
Circular Geometry Inspection system, incorporates a new
touch-screen GUI, and additional software features to keep
Paragon well ahead of the competition in terms of accuracy,
reliability, ease of use, and price. Paragon V2013-24
uses  new 24 bit hardware to take accuracy to a new level.

TrueBuild uses data derived from physical measurements
to align the axes of the assembled components, track the
assemblies' rotational axis and account for mass distributions
to maximize assembly straightness and minimize off-axis and
out-of-balance forces. Six user-programmable assembly options
let customers build the stack to their specifications.

Turbine Metrology's NT Rotary Inspection Tables lead
the industry in accuracy and are currently available in sizes
from 250mm to 2000mm with capacities to 25,000 Kg. These
rugged tables, built on massive castings, were designed for
24/7 OEM and MRO use on the assembly and machine shop
floor, not in a clean room enviornment.

The listed products have reached end of support.
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BalancePoint 2015 reached EOL on 01 January 2020