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If your critical metrology process can't afford down time for maintainance or repair, you should consider Turbine Metrology's NT inspection tables.
As the mechanical heart of a circular geometry inspection system, the function of the rotary table is to rotate with extreme accuracy  without run-out or coning errors.  
To accomplish this, the top and  base must be made of strong, stable material which will not deflect under load, insuring that the precisely ground thrust bearing
surfaces maintain a uniform air film and high stiffness. In addition, the table must feature a drive system that can accelerate massive parts to a stable rotational
speed in a short period of time and maintain that speed without torque or lifting effects that might unduly influencing table run-out.  

Having supplied and maintained rotary inspection tables for nearly two decades, Turbine Metrology has used its experience to create their New
Technology inspections tables, manufactured in the USA by RUSACH International.

Most table designs use steel-on-steel drive systems that introduce an unbalanced forces into the table top. These tables  transmit all of the vibration of the drive system
reduction through to the tabletop where it can influence the table's accuracy.  These tables require constant maintenance to operate at published specifications.

TM's improved drive design uses a balanced force system that does not apply forces to the table that must be opposed by other noise-generating,
high maintenance components. There are no steel-on-steel elements in the drive. When un-powered, the table freewheels without clutch or mechanical drive
disengagement, further reducing maintenance issues. NT tables for large Paragon® workstations are designed with tall base sections to raise the table to a
comfortable working height for operators without having to add a “spacer” surface plate. This feature greatly increases the table base stiffness and system stability.
stability of the system as a whole.

Turbine Metrology's NT tables are currently available in sizes up to 2000mm with capacities to 25,000 Kg. Contact TM today for more information.

NT Table Specifications
NT Table Photos