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2020 - BalancePoint 2020 released 21 JAN 2020

2019 - BalancePoint 2019.0.7 released 28AUG 2019

2019 - Due to the instability of US trade policies,  Paragon, Truebuild, and NT inspection tables
are withdran from sale.

2019 - BalancePoint 2019 released 25 MAR 2019

2018- BalancePoint 2018 released 01 FEB 2018

T-Bal - Online turbine balancing with BalancePoint
Welcome new customer ARM Services (US)
12 MAY 2017 TM announces release of BP2017.0.10 with support for Adam Highland scales
Welcome new customer Skybus LLC (US/UK)


15 DEC 2016 RETEC, Belfast Northern Ireland, has defaulted on payment;
Any licenses for BP2016 or any other products supplied by RETEC are revoked. We apologize for any inconvience this causes RETEC'S customers.

08 DEC 2017 TM announces release of BP2017

30 NOV 2016 TM announces development of BP 2017
Welcome returning customer GENERAL ELECTRIC (USA)
Welcome new customer HRGT Services (China)
Welcome new customer HSIUNG (China)
Welcome new customer Specialty Bar (USA)
Welcome returning customer AERO NORWAY (Norway)
Welcome returning customer ITP (Spain)
Welcome returning customer ETHOS ENERGY (UK)
Welcome new customer ATLA (Italy)

06 MAY 2016 TM releases BP 2016

13 JAN 2016 TM begins its 25th year of operation having completed 467 projects.

Standard Aero - Winnipeg buys fourth BalancePoint system for that location.
Welcome new customer Bischoff Aerospace (USA)
Welcome new customer ProEnergy Services (USA)
Welcome new customer Safran
Welcome new customer Anod

01 OCT 2014 TM releases BP 2015.0.0

Welcome new customer Turboaleaceiones Mexico)
Welcome repeat customer PAS Technology

15 JAN 2014 - TM releases BalancePoint 2014

Welcome new customer ITP
Welcome new customer Dresser-Rand
Welcome new customer AES Elsta
Welcome new customer American Electric Power

15 JUL 2013 - Installation of Harbin Turbine Company's 1500mm Paragon system is complete.

Welcome new customer Wood Group Pratt & Whitney
Welcome new customer Ellwood Advanced Components
Welcome new customer Atla (Italy)
Welcome new customer Bruno Presizzi sPa.
Welcome new customer Standard Aero - Winnipeg.

15 JAN 2013 - TM releases BalancePoint 2013

14 JAN 2013 - TM announces Paragon V3 with 24 bit accuracy. The latest version of TM's Paragon CGI system sets new standards for accuracy.

MARCH 2012 - MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING's article features Turbine Metrology

Welcome new customer Embraer Aircraft Maintenance Services.
Welcome new customer Vector Aerospace.

01 SEP 2011 - TM relases new product BalancePont LITE to launch customer Wood Group Steam Turbines UK. BP LITE is a fast economical
program for users who do not need to arrange special blades.

24 AUG 2011 - TM releases the new BalancePoint 2012 software to launch customer Lufthansa Technik. BP2012 incorporates a number of new
features that will be of special interest to aircraft engine OEMs and MROs.

Welcome new customer Lufthansa Technik.

23 AUG 2011 - TM announces Paragon V3. The latest version of TM's Paragon CGI system will be even faster than the previous venerable V2
benchmark and will incorporate new architecture to allow more flexibility in peripheral hardware. New DAS technology will also allow a price reduction.
As always, Paragon is sold outright and does not require yearly license or maintenance fees.

02 AUG 2011 - TM associate Rusach International, Indianapolis, Indiana,  announces plans for a contract testing facility featuring TM's Paragon system.
01 AUG 2011 - TM's third quadrennial review of its Paragon Circular Geometry Inspection System is underway. Paragon Version 3 is scheduled for release in Q4 2011.

Welcome new customer Power Systems Manufacturing

19 DEC 2010 - experiences record traffic for the ending week

Welcome new customer Pratt & Whitney Engine Service Norway.
Welcome new customer Capex, SA
Welcome new customer Advanced Combustion Technology, Inc.