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NEWS:   BalancePoint 2018
General release 01 FEB 2018. More information.

NEWS: Welcome new customer Siemens Zrt

NEWS: TBAL.tech introduces on-line optimized blade placement
TM associate TBAL offers on-line balancing via BalancePoint

NEWS: Welcome new customer ARM Services

NEWS: Welcome new customer SKYBUS LLC

NEWS: RETEC, Belfast Northern Ireland, has defaulted on payment.
Any TM software licenses supplied via RETEC are invalid.

NEWS:   BalancePoint 2017
General release scheduled for January 2017. More information.

Turbine Metrology LLC offers an expanding range of metrology products and services for  gas turbine and jet engine OEMs and MROs.

Turbine Metrology LLC was formed in 1991 to service the needs of the world's largest manufacturer of gas turbine power generation systems. TM supplies similar equipment to other OEMs and MROs in the gas turbine, steam turbine, and jet engine industries.

TM's mechanical systems have been used for more than two decades in automotive, aerospace, power generation, and other circular geometry applications:   

TM's BalancePoint blade weighing and balance optimization systems  have set new standards for accuracy, affordability, and ease of use. BalancePoint has a growing customer base in North America, Asia, Europe, and South America among users who are looking for a faster, easier to use, more cost effective alternative to the DOS-based programs from the traditional balancing companies.

TM's Paragon V3-24 Circular Geometry Inspection System represents the current state-of-the-art in roundness metrology. Paragon PG's launch in the gas turbine market has been followed with the successful Paragon AV system for jet engine builders and Paragon FT system for form testing applications.

TM's TrueBuild and StraightBuild Rotor Stacking programs allow Paragon users to select their own rotor optimization parameters to achieve straightness and balance, assuring quiet engines with long operational lives.

TM's NT Inspection tables introduce a new level of accuracy and rugged reliability at a price that is within reach of rebuilers and smaller shops.

All Turbine Metrology systems are designed and built in the USA.

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