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In gas turbine and jet engine applications using non-integral compressor and turbine blades, the weight tolerance of the individual blades  can
significantly affect the balance of the assembled rotor. Even if the weight differential is small, if, by random assembly, more of the heavier blades
are placed on one side of the rotor, the resulting unbalance condition may be more than can be corrected by additional balance weights or corrective
machining processes. This means time-consuming and expensive disassembly of the rotor.

Since its introduction in January 2002, Turbine Metrology's BalancePoint software has become an industry standard for simple, fast, accurate,
and affordable  blade weighing and placement.  Now used in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe [CUSTOMER LIST] , BalancePoint
is also finding applications in such diverse fields as paper pulping machines and ceiling fans.  Likewise, BalancePoint can be used for optimizing the placement of nuts, bolts, washers, locking plates, or any component on a rotating assembly.
BalancePoint FAQS   
BalancePoint Specifications

Please Note: Support for BP2015.X and earlier versions of BP ended 01 JAN 2020